Budget 2018-2019


Pre-budget consultations are now over. Thank you for your participation.

Listening to Quebecers

We have taken significant steps in recent years to put the house in order, put public finances on a sound footing, restore confidence, and revitalize our economy in all regions of Québec.

We now enjoy an enviable, sustainable economic and financial situation, from which Quebecers will be able to fully benefit, in particular through the tax relief already announced and additional investments in services, including health and education, to enhance the quality of life of families.

In this context, Québec is better equipped to rise to the challenges facing it and meet Quebecers’ expectations.

Enhancing access to the health care system while improving the care provided; offering quality education to ensure the future of our children; creating an open, robust economy, generating greater wealth for everyone: these actions will give families a better quality of life and a higher standard of living in a distinct, modern, inclusive society.

As we undertake the preparation of the next budget, we invite you to enrich our reflections by answering a number of questions to define budgetary policy directions and priorities.

Help us to build the future of a stronger Québec for the benefit of all Quebecers.


Carlos Leitão

Minister of Finance

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