Budget 2020-2021



The Ministère des Finances has begun work to ensure that this site complies as much as possible with the XHTML and CSS standards recommended by W3C. In addition, ongoing effort is devoted to improving the site’s compliance to the government Web accessibility standards This link will open in a new window. [French only]. To date, despite the implementation of transitional measures, the site does not fully meet the requirements of Standard SGQRI 008-01.

Improved Accessibility

To improve access to the site, certain recognized accessibility standards have been implemented:

  • organize the content of each page on the basis of a hierarchical structure of titles and subtitles
  • provide a textual equivalent for images
  • differentiate between the content and the structure of their presentation by using client-side style sheets (CSS)
  • allow users to change the print size on the page using their browser features
  • use codes and valid style sheets

At present, the following content does meet the standards in effect:

  • external links
  • downloadable documents (PDF)
  • tables and charts

Validation Tools

The accessibility of this site was checked with the help of the following tools:

Accessibility of Downloadable Documents

We wish to inform cybernauts who experience problems with certain documents that the Ministère des Finances will provide to all persons who so request the document or a part of the document in a medium better adapted to their needs.

Need Help?

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