Web accessibility enables handicapped persons and those who cannot use a mouse to have access to information contained on websites. For example, blind people who use hardware (Braille console) and software (text-to-speech software) technical assistance can interpret the informational content of web pages. Persons with reduced mobility can also easily surf the web.


In accordance with the standards on the accessibility of Québec government websites (french only), the home page and the pages available from the navigation menu comply with the Standard sur l’accessibilité d’un site Web (PDF, 1,19 Mo). However, note that the following content does not comply with existing standards:

  • external links;
  • downloadable documents (PDF).

Validation tools

To ensure compliance of the Gestion des droits d’auteur site with the Québec government’s accessibility standards, the following technologies have been used:


If you need assistance when browsing the site, if you cannot access certain content using computer adaptation technologies, or if you are experiencing difficulty browsing this site, please contact us by e-mail or by telephone at: 418 691-5698.