Publications by the expert panel

  • Report of the Expert Panel for Patient-Based Funding
    Money Follows the Patient ─ The Implementation of Patient-Based Funding in the health sector. Having completed its work, the Expert Panel for Patient-Based Funding tabled before the government its report on the implementation of patient-based funding in the health sector, entited Money Follows the Patient. The report reflects the thoughts of all the members of the expert panel further to the stimulating mandate that had been entrusted to the committee by the government
  • Technical paper 1
    Better access to surgery ─ an expanded activity-based funding program
  • Technical paper 2
    Quality of care ─ an approach to reward best practice
  • Technical paper 3
    Clinical and financial information ─ to better understand costs and services


June 26, 2013

Review and main messages from the consultation commitee of the Expert panel on patient-based funding during meetings held on February 20 and April 26, 2013 [French only]


July 10, 2012

Expert Panel for Patient-Based Funding. Implementation of activity-based funding in the health and social services sector, [Online], [Retrieved on July,10, 2013].


Reports ordered by the expert group

Report ordered by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) as part of the work by the expert panel